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Thyromine for your Thyroid Health


Every human being has a thyroid gland.Thyroid gland is an endocrine gland just beneath the larynx.Its colour is brownish red.Its looks like a butterfly and usually have weight less than an ounce.The thyroid helps regulate growth, metabolism and blood calcium levels in our body.Thyroid is managed by hypothalamus and pituitary. It produces thyroid hormones namely thyroxin (t4) and triiodothyronine (t3).Iodine is a necessary component of t3 and t4 Once released by the thyroid, t3 and t4 both travels through the blood streams, they help cells converting oxygen and calories into energy.The hormone calcitonine is also secreted by thyroid which plays a important role in calcium homeostasis.


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Under-active thyroid(also called hypothyrodism)which results in insufficient thyroid hormones and slow metabolism.Hypothyroidism is more common and millions of people are currently hypothyroid.Overactive thyroid (also called hyperthyroidism)which results in over production of thyroid hormone.Neonatal grave’s disease is a form of hyperthyroidism which occurs in infant’s born of mothers with grave’s disease. Thyroid nodules are commnly arise within an otherwise normal thyroid gland which can be felt as a lump in the throat.Ocasionally nodules may cause pain to the sufferer while swallowing food through the oesophagus.

Above listed were the three common problems of thyroid.Besides these three,there are other thyroid problems also as goitre and thyroid cancer. Goitre is also called broncocele which can be seen as a swelling in the neck of a sufferer.Goitre is most common in women.Prevalent goiter was common that were deficient in iodine in the soil. Thyroid cancer refers to any of four types of malignant tumors of the thyroid gland namely:papillary,follicular,medullary,anaplastic are the other thyroid problems.


There are many symptoms of thyroid as one person might suffer from Fatigue,weight gain,constipation,fuzzy thinking,blood pressure,fluid retention,depression,body pain,reflexes etc.


I people really don’t want to pop millions of pills for the thyroid then they should do follow the down listed terms-

Thyroid can be prevented by the consumption of food-rich in iodine, avoiding radiation.By taking medicines such as-levo-T,euthroid,levotabs,proloid,synthrox,thyroler,triostat etc.


Supplements reduces thyroid enlargement in goiter and thyroid cancer.Now a days people take synthetic thyroid supplements which contains a version of t4 called levothyroxine.older natural thyroid supplement armour thyroid have been replaced by senthroid,levoxyl and levothroid.Man made version of t3-liothyronine(brand name –cytomel)is now a days taken by some people for hypothyroidism.liothyronine is likely to get more dangereous as compared to levothyroxine as it leads to side effects.Even today doctors don’t easily allow for liothyronine.

kelp and sea weed are the other supplements of thyroid.seaweed or sea veggies is a good source of iodine,chrophllyl vitamin and minerals.Natural desccitated supplements for thyroid are being recommated by some MDIs also.

people can consume the above listed supplements to reduce the thyroid problem.