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There are about 20,000 new cases of thyroid cancer each year.Females are more likely to have this problem in comparission to male.Thyroid cancer can occur in any age group but it is more likely to affect after the age of 30 and its aggressiveness enhances significantly in older patients.

Thyroid cancer refers to any of the four kinds of malingnant tumors of the thyroid gland ie. papillary,follicular,medullary or anaplastic.Among these four papillary and follicular are the most common tumors.


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Usually thyroid cancer does’nt cause symptoms but when the cancer starts growing symptoms may include. The symptoms of thyroid cancer are as follows:

  • A lump or nodule infront of the neck near larynx.
  • Hoarseness,Patients may feel difficulty in speaking in normal voice.
  • Swollen lymph nodes,mostly in the neck.
  • patients may feel difficulty in swallowing and breathing.
  • Patients may suffer from pain in the neck.


If a person have symptoms of thyroid cancer then the doctor may suggest the possible test to the patients.The exams and test include are as follows:
1.Physical exam: Doctors will check if there is swelling in the neck side then they will go for the further treatment.

2.Blood test: Doctors may test for the secretion of TSH wheather it is too low or too high in the blood.If medullary thyroid cancer is suspected the doctors may check for abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood.

3.Biopsy:Biopsy is the removal of tissue to look for cancer cells.To know wheather a nodule is cancereous biopsy test is done by the doctor.


Depending on the stage and type of thyroid cancer thyroid cancer may be treated with surgery,chaemotherapy,hormone treatment etc.some patients may receive a combination of treatments.
1.SURGURY: Surgury is the most common treatment for thyroid cancer.The surgeon may remove al part of the thyroid.The type of surgery depends on the type and stage of the thyroid.

2. CHAEMOTHERAPY:In chaemotherapy drugs is given to patients to kill cancer cells.The drugs enter the blood stream and travel throughout the body so it is also called systematic therapy.

3.HORMONE TREATMENT:After surgery, patients may need to take thyroid hormone pills to replace the natural thyroid hormone.