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Thyromine for your Thyroid Health


If there is production of too much or too little thyroid hormones then it leads to thyroid imbalance.It is a veiled epidemic that causes a wide range of physical and mental symptoms.The thyroid patients suffers from fatigue,constipation,weight gain,sleep problems,high cholesterol,body pain,reflexes,fluid retention,muscle scramps etc. If you are suffering from any of above listed symptoms then it indicates that you have thyroid imbalance.More than 20 million people,mostly of them women have thyroid imbalance.


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Imbalances can occur at any stage of the fabrication or utilization of thyroid hormone.One person might have improper hormone production because of the radiation damage.However,many times it is hard to access the thyroid with standard blood test and even by symptomatic indicators.Here hair tissue mineral analysis can be very useful.hair tissue mineral testing offers excellent information about thyroid activity and frequently very different information than blood test.This is particularly the case with hyperthyroidism(over production of hormone),a very common imbalance.


To diagnose thyroid imbalance the most common thyroid test is TSH,the pituitary hormone that regulates the working of the thyroid gland.You need to know,however that you may have low grade thyroid imbalance and it should be read as normal.Low grade thyroid imbalance can actually cause or precipitate symptoms that are out of proportion to the imbalance.Therefore,a thyroid disorder is a possibility that should be ruled out in a diagoneses of condition such as depression,lupus,sleep disorders and various other conditions.

Thyroid disorders are treatable but it could be serious if it is untreated so any doubt of thyorid problem needs to be conformed quickly by a doctor.