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The term thyroid nodules refers to any abnormal growth of thyroid cells within a lump into a thyroid.mostly thyroid nodules are non cancereous only a small percent of thyroid nodules are cancereous.


Mostly nodules do not cause any symptoms one might comes to know it if they see or notice a lump in front of the mirror or during the routine physical examination your doctor discovers it.A few patients can have the pain in neck ,jaw or ear.It may cause difficulty in swallowing through oesophagus, if the nodule is large.Rarely, hoarseness could be caused if the nodule irritates a nerve to the voice box.


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Thyroid nodule is most common endocrine problem.Although thyroid cancer is the most important cause of thyroid nodule.sometimes a lack in iodine in one’s diet can cause a thyroid gland to produce nodules.sometimes autonomous nodules have a genetic defect that causes them to grow.


Since most patients with thyroid problem donot have symptoms,they get to know of thyroid when they went to doctor for their physical or neck treatment.Their physician will check wheather the entire gland is enlarged or wheather there is single nodule is present,or wheather there are few lumps or nodules in their thyroid.The primary test may include blood test to measure the amount of thyroid hormone(thyroxin or t4) and thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH) in one’s blood to determine wheather the thyroid is functioning normally or not.Besides the above test thyroid nodules often includes other tests also such as thyroid fine needle biopsy,thyroid scan or thyroid ultra sound.