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Thyroiditis Symptoms and Treatment

Thyroiditis is a metabolic disorder occurs when a person suffering from the underactive thyroid condition or hypothyroidism. Thyroiditis symptoms characterized by the inflammation of the thyroid gland. The underlying condition occurs when thyroid gland does not produce sufficient hormones which results into the chemical imbalance in the body.

Generally both men and women suffer from Thyroiditis problem. In most of the cases, it becomes difficult to diagnose the symptoms as the enlargement of the thyroid gland is marked by some other causes. Thyroiditis are of different types like:

  • Hashimoto's thyroiditis
  • Subacute thyroiditis
  • Silent thyroiditis
  • Radiation induced thyroiditis
  • Acute thyroiditis

Thyroiditis symptoms differ according to the thyroiditis type. Damage and destruction of cells causes symptoms which is very similar to that of hypothyroidism like fatigue, dizziness, constipation, depression, dry skin, neck pain etc. Generally, men and women suffering Hashimoto's thyroiditis have symptoms like feeling of fatigue, dizziness, occasional problem of concentration and weight gain. If remain untreated, it can develop into severe and even more destructive problems. Some of the risk factors leading to thyroiditis includes illness, radiation therapy, medication like lithium, pregnancy etc.

Thyroiditis may leads to serious health problems. Therefore, if the treatment is not done timely then it may results into permanent damage of the thyroid gland. Normally, doctors prescribe thyroid hormone replacement therapy for the condition. These help to combat thyroiditis symptoms by restoring the hormone level in the body. Beside that over the counter thyroid medication and natural thyroid supplements can also be taken into account for the treatment. In addition, routine thyroid hormone level monitoring and certain modifications in diet and lifestyle is also required.